How To use SciRide finder

Understand the tech to understand how to use it.

SciRide Finder is a literature search service on Cited Statements -- sentences from scientific publications, supported by citing other peer-reviewed manuscripts. You type the keywords you are after in the search field and press search. The results will show the matching statements, publication there were found in as well as other publications cited to support the statement.

Since searching Cited Statements is a different paradigm to Google Scholar-style keyword search, it might be good if you formulate your search in the form that you would have cited the information you are looking for. Please follow the examples below that demonstrate this paradigm:

Searching for how technology is used. I'm looking for publications that used BLAST because I want to see how people use it. Search terms: 'BLAST used'.

Searching for databases I want to see publications into CHISeq. Search terms: 'CHIPseq data'.

Searching for numbers I want to know what is the average interaction surface area in proteins. Search terms: 'average protein interaction surface'.

Searching for citations supporting general knowledge I want to know publications that discredit the publication linking MMR vaccine to autism. Search terms: 'mmr vaccine autism discredited'.