Text Mining

SciRide Finder API -- introduction

You can use our service via an API which is subject to the followingt:

  • Please do not abuse this service, if you access it too often it will destroy the experience for everyone and we will have to consider putting access restrictions.
  • Please cite the us if you reuse the results -- this applies to using data in work or displaying our results on your website. This service is currently under peer-review, so before we have the manuscript out, please simply cite the link finder.sciride.org

How to use our API

The endpoint to our api is accessible at

finder.sciride.org/api/?q=[your query]

You substitute [your query ] with keywords you would like to search (e.g. 'dna damage'). The results are a list of JSON-formatted hits. The format of each hit is as follows (explanation is written further down):

	"journal_title": "PLoS ONE",
	"refs": [
			"id": "19189852",
			"id-type": "pmid"
	"source": [{
		"id": "26291718",
		"id-type": "pmid"
	}, {
		"id": "4546196",
		"id-type": "pmc"
	}, {
		"id": "10.1371/journal.pone.0136196",
		"id-type": "doi"
	}, {
		"id": "PONE-D-15-15829",
		"id-type": "publisher-id"
	"score": 8.9723015,
	"art_title": "Complete Genome Sequence of Mulberry Vein Banding Associated Virus, a New Tospovirus Infecting Mulberry",
	"context": "small RNA (S RNA), medium RNA (M RMA), and large RNA (L RNA) .",
	"authors": {
		"1": {
			"sname": "Meng",
			"names": "Jiaorong"
		"3": {
			"sname": "Zhu",
			"names": "Liling"
		"2": {
			"sname": "Liu",
			"names": "Pingping"
		"5": {
			"sname": "Li",
			"names": "Jieqiu"
		"4": {
			"sname": "Zou",
			"names": "Chengwu"
		"6": {
			"sname": "Chen",
			"names": "Baoshan"

Below are explanations for the fields in a single hit:

  • journal_title : the title of the journal where Cited Statement was found
  • art_title : the title of the article where Cited Statement was found
  • context : the text of the Cited Statement
  • refs : list of publications cited by the Cited Statement.
  • source : list of ids associated with the article where Cited Statement was found.
  • authors : list of authors of the article where Cited Statement was found.
  • score : Lucene relevance score for the given Cited Statement.